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*** You can buy here your access to the web-based version of the app.  If you prefer to use this app on your smart phone or tablet , you can buy it directly from Google Play for your Android device or Itunes Store for your Apple device.

The Biscotte Knitting Patterns application offer knitting fans customized patterns depending on the desired size and the selected yarn gauge.  These knitting patterns are available in printable format in both languages (French and English).

The Biscotte Knitting Patterns app contain a hat pattern and sock patterns offered in  "cuff-down" version (from ribs to toes), "Toes-up" (from toes to ribs) with dual heel choice or shortened ribs heel.  So, the possibility of 5 different patterns offered in 24 sizes and available for every yarn gauge on the market!

It’s really easy to use this fabulous app! You just have to select the language (French or English), the knitting stitch (ex: sock knit from ribs to toes with double heel), the desired size (size 6-12 months for man 14US) and the yarn gauge (ex: 28 stitches and 24 rows = 10 cm).  One pushes on "Abracadabra" and Kapow!  You’ll get a custom knitting pattern that can be saved in PDF format and printed on paper as needed.

In addition to your tailor-made pattern a list of various knitting stitch pattern suggested by the number of stitches in your project will also be available in the appendix.

We eventually wish to integrate other garments into this application like custom mitten patterns and more. These additions will be made gradually and, of course, the knitters and knitsters who will already have acquired the Biscotte Knitting Patterns application shall automatically receive updates :-)  Isn’t that marvelous??

Now what's next?

You need to add this item to your basket and place your order. Once the order is completed, you will have access to the web-based version of the Biscotte Knitting Pattern app right HERE (note that you must be logged in to have access).


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Gabriella Hefner G.H. Gabriella H.
Sadly just running on PC.

The app is great. Sadly it's only running on pc and only I am logged in on the page. Afterwards I had better just bought the iPhone app.

Hello Gabriella, since you bought the iphone version of this app, I have issued a refund of your order for the web based version. You still can use the web based version or Iphone version as you wish. Thank you and enjoy your knitting with our app !!