Biscotte's Shawl Knitting Game - MAKE YOUR OWN KIT

Biscotte's Shawl Knitting Game - MAKE YOUR OWN KIT

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Here is the custom version of Biscotte's Shawl Knitting Game! Choose your own colors that will be packaged is a box with two dice and a knitting pattern to work an unique version of the Unpredictable Shawl!

How does it work? Simply roll the dice: one of them tells you which skein to use and the other shows the knitting pattern to follow ♥ Order this Knitting Game as a gift for a knitter you love or simply as a treat for yourself.


The Biscotte's Shawl Knitting Game comes in a gift box that contains:

  • 6 x 50 grams of hand-dyed Bis-Sock yarn for a total of 300 grams (1200 meters - 1097 yards) = 4 skeins of semi-solid + 2 skeins of speckled yarn.
  • 2 dice
  • The Unpredictable Shawl knitting pattern

In addition to the material already included, you will need a  circular needle US #5 (3.75 mm) - 40 inches (100 cm) or + to work this shawl design.

Each version of this shawl is UNIQUE since the knitting pattern is created with the dice. Like the 6 faces of the dice, Biscotte's Shawl Knitting Game is available in 4 color assortments of our most popular hand-dyed yarn.

Can not decide? Start playing now by rolling the Virtual Dice Online and choose the kit that matches the result.

Find attached few examples of the Unpredictable Shawl from our test knitters...

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Customer Reviews

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Make my own knitting game

I played the knitting game last year with a pre-selected kit. It was so fun and I love the random outcome. This year I wanted to make my own but wasn’t sure if my choices would look good together. The wonderful staff took a picture of my yarn choices next to each other and even helped with my question on one of my choices. I’m excited to see how this comes together. The yarn is gorgeous.

Fun Idea

I couldn’t resist ordering this “Knitting Game,” such a fun idea!

Biscotte's Shawl Knitting Game

This is a gift for my daughter. I am sure she is going to love it!

Fun game

This game makes it interesting to knit something that you know will be a shawl, but you don't know quite how you will get to the end. It's fun.
I did make some changes, however. I don't like garter stitch, so I'm knitting it in stockinette. Of course, this does two things that I don't mind, but others might: 1) It changes the proportions; stockinette is not square, so the shawl's length will be different from the written instructions; and 2) And working in stockinette make the shawl definitely have a RS and WS, but there are ways to wear it so the RS is facing out.
Have fun!

Love this Game!

I meant to buy this last year, but I wasn't fast enough and my favorite colorway sold out. Learn from my lesson and buy this now! I love that it's possible to pick your own colors. I went with a spring palette of Fraise, Lavande, Limette, Violette, Pinata, and Vitrail. I can't wait to see how these come together.