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Skein Coats ♥ Your yarn will never come unraveled again


Is your yarn always coming unraveled? Do you often struggle with knots? Have you wasted precious knitting time detangling your beautiful neatly wound yarn? Well, knitters we have the tools for you: the Skein Coats!

Skein Coats are a solution for taming any yarn skein, ball or cake. They are lightweight, portable, reusable, they prevent tangles and keep your yarn clean and neat.  It's fast, it's easy and it works.  Made from fabric that stretches & contracts, just cover your yarn with a Skein Coat and throw it in your knitting bag. Your yarn always stays neat and clean no matter how many times you've pulled it out to knit. You can squish it in your bag for knitting on-the-go and best of all they don't break and aren't bulky. 

Measurements: 5" tall & 4.5" wide ♥ Fits most wound center pull cakes.

Customer Reviews

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Works great and it cute.

Love Skein Coats

First time using a skein coat and I’m hooked! Keeps the yarn tidy and holds the yarn down to the last bit. Very pleased. Plan to buy more.

Great Concept, but...

Skein Coats are a superb idea, and I really wanted to love this product: a band of fabric you put around your yarn cake to stop it unwinding from the exterior or getting really loose and starting to tangle.
Unfortunately, it was not very functional. Its opening isn't very wide, and the fabric is not very elastic. So unless you are working with a very specific quantity and weight of yarn that creates a yarn ball/cake with a small diameter, the Skein Coat won't even fit around a wound skein. Since it lacks elasticity, it stands to reason that it wouldn't start to contract in size and keep the wound yarn cake tight once you'd started knitting with the yarn and the cake had started to shrink.

The Skein Coats company must go back and try a fabric made with a blend of fibers made for more elasticity or use a blend with a higher content of those stretch fibers (Lycra/Spandex/elastic)! If they do, they will have a product that performs from the yarn cake/ball's start to end and one that is compatible with a variety of wound yarn cake/ball diameters and weights. It'd be the new product that knitters (and crocheters, too) wondered how they ever lived without!

(In the photo, for reference: the red yarn ball is Neighborhood Fiber Co.'s Studio Worsted (originally 400yds, but some was used to swatch), the heathered yellow-olive yarn cake on the left is Rosy Green Wool's Heb Merino Fine (fingering wt originally 218yds, but some was used to swatch), and the floppy, hollow grey fabric cylinder is the Skein Coat).