Biscotte's Basic Toes-up Heel Flap Socks | Free Sock Knitting Pattern

The only free sock knitting pattern you'll ever need! Here is a plain "vanilla" sock pattern knit from the toes-up with a heel flap.

In addition to this pattern, you will need the following material to knit this project:

Gauge: 32 m = 10 cm (4’’)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
Gabriele Silva

Biscotti never disappoints!

Cornelia Kluck
Library item

Great for every sock knitter to keep in their sock library! Well explained, and great recipe to knit toe-up with a heel flap. I had only ever done those knitting cuff down, reserving German Short Row heels or afterthought heels ( great with colour work) for toe-up socks. With this a hole new world has opened, and I am looking at the heels of the world from the bottom up, which I should do being Australian!🙃😍❤️🐼

Miriam Rosenblatt
Great pattern

I made toe-up socks a while back and I was reviewing how to make the heels in reverse. Your pattern really helped me refresh my memory of how to do that!

Joanne M
Great socks!

It’s wonderful to find a basic pattern for knitted socks. I’m definitely going to apply these techniques in future projects.

Barbara Velez

Just started but excellent! I am new to Toes Up socks and so far, so good!