Bullseye Socks Pattern

Nice knitting pattern to use with self-striping sock yarn!

This sock knitting design was written for the Biscotte Mystery Sock Club - September 2016.

This design starts at the center-back leg and is worked in an octagonal shape. Once finished, an 8 slices « pie » figure is obtained.  The « pie » is workedfrom the center to the edge, graduallyincreasing sts into each  « slice ». The pattern is well illustrated with step by step instructions: simply follow the pattern and you will hit the Bullseye!!

In addition to the knitting pattern, you'll need the following material to knit these socks:

      If needed, you can find a tutorial explaininghow to download our patterns right HERE.  

      Have fun knitting Biscotte Yarns =)

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      Susanne Perry
      Haven't started but the yarn is gorgeous

      I loved the look of the socks. I am a sucker for socks all socks. These were so unique I knew I had to make them. I just haven't had the time yet. But the yarn is so soft and beautiful. I will post pictures as soon as I have started and again once I am done.

      Anastasia Antonison

      Bullseye Socks Pattern

      Julie Sparkuhl


      Donna Legate
      Fun in the round

      Just getting started but enjoying it


      Die Anleitung war soweit verständlich geschrieben, leider gibt es nur die eine Größe, denke jedoch, dass man durch die Nadelstärke (down) es etwas enger machen kann und es durch enger am Fuß anliegt. Vielleicht kann man auch ein paar Runden weniger stricken und es wird dadurch kürzer?! Im großen und ganzen bin ich zufrieden, werde mir auch ein Paar stricken