Left simple inset increase and Right simple inset increase

Left simple inset increase (LSI) and Right simple inset increase (RSI) are knitting abbreviations which were used in our last free knitting pattern, New Biscotte's Slippers.

Also known as Left and Right lifted increases, this is a way to increase a stitch using up a stitch from the previous row. Here is how to proceed:

  • LSI : With left needle, lift the left leg of the stitch two rows below the one just knit and use right needle to knit it.
  • RSI : With right needle, lift the right leg of the stitch one row below the next unworked stitch. Put this right leg on left needle and knit it.

We prepared this video to show this increase technique. You can view it here (set english subtitles if needed):

Knitting patterns often suggest a specific way to increase stitches. As I have always told my students, do not let a pattern put you off because of an increase you do not understand. If you prefer to use another technique, do it and have fun!

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Comments (Responses)

06 April, 2018

Carole Dietrich

Thank you for the video; it’s very helpful. For the LSI written instructions, should it end with:
. . . and use right needle to knit it through the back loop.

24 March, 2017


I LOVE the right and left lifted increases! I think this method is so much easier than other increase methods. Thanks so much!

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