Knitting App Makes Patterns for Any Size Yarn a Snap

Knitting App Makes Patterns for Any Size Yarn a Snap

Sarah Woodard May 05, 2016

What’s a knitter to do? You found the most amazing yarn and just had to have it. So, you bought a skein or two, but now you’ve got to find a pattern to make that suits the yarn, fits the gauge, and works with the needle size you want to use. Usually, this task takes days, or longer, of intense searching on Ravelry and other sites until you get lucky and stumble across the much sought pattern.

Or, you’re standing in the yarn store ogling the most wonderful yarn and trying to convince yourself that you’ll find a pattern, but you just have to have the yarn, even if you don’t find a pattern. The devil and angel on your shoulders yapping at you the pros and cons of such an impulse purchase without an intended project.

With this new knitting app, your struggles are over. Phew! Assuming you want to make a hat or mittens with that amazing new yarn you just got, Biscotte’s KP (knitting pattern) app has you covered. Install it on your smartphone (Android or Iphone) and walk out the store with that yarn you’re lusting after and the project to go with it. I tried it and was very pleased with how easy it is to use and the patterns it develops. Let me walk you through it.

When you first open the app, choose whether you’d like to make a hat or socks.

Depending on which you choose, the next screen will ask for specific input. For socks, you’ll need to specify things like toe up or cuff down and heel style. Either knit a swatch or use the gauge suggestions on the yarn label to input that information and click “generate pattern.” Presto! The app will supply you with a .pdf pattern file that you can save, email, and/or print.


To make a hat, enter similar information, again using your swatch or the yarn label. The same “presto!” action will generate the perfect hat pattern for your yarn.  


Look at this short video to see how it work:


I tried it and printed a toe up sock pattern and a hat pattern. With any luck, my next post will feature a project made with some fabulous Biscotte yarn and one of the patterns I generated with the app. Also, on the list of things to look forward to in this blog: a neat trick to cast on two-together toe up socks, a quick and dirty way to master the knitting cast on, and so much more. Stay tuned!